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Clinic Calendar DECEMBER 3, 2016  Clinic at my place Two pastures outdoors  Limited to 10 horse trailers 20 participants only

Do you consider yourself an atheist,or someone who feels they don’t really need a “higher power” Perhaps you believe we are made of star dust.

Does heaven exist? What happens after you die?

Do you fear death or the unknown?

Perhaps you have been taught that we evolved from the muck and ooze after the “Big Bang.”

Maybe you just want to know how to respond to people who don’t believe in God or heaven or an eternity.

Is there a God, an intelligent creative power behind the mysteries of this universe?

Click on the link above. It is worth every person’s time. If it is too long, take it in short segments, as I did.

Click on Video Link on right – Read below

The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD