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Another link to pictures from Altoona

I will post here & on Facebook–Bess Wall Trail Horse Obstacle Clinics and Bess Wall (Tim Trott’s Page)

ONE-Day Clinic

JANUARY 21, 2017


 $85 for the day

Can only take

10 horse trailers

Primitive CAMPING available; can set up your pens.

No charge–No grounds fees

Generators welcome

Dogs must stay on leash at all times–no exceptions

If you have a barky dog, please leave it at home. Annoying at best and disruptive at worst.

Baby Joshua Fundraiser

Obstacle Clinic

Double Cleft Palate Surgery

Was going to do it through GO FUND ME but then there is no way to refund if in case that needs to happen.

ALL funds go to KRISSI FAITH for her son, Joshua, for his surgery needs. Her father was my first pastor.

Any size animal or AGE

(Riding, driving, mini

Horses, Mules)

Car washes

Barrel Push

Various Water

Various Bridges and teeter totter

Tarps – Mattresses

Mr. Sprint Man (Sky Dancer)

TUNNEL with Trench



Barrel Push

Tires to jump over and up on and walk through


ADVANCED obstacles, too.

All my clinics help develop a relationship between horse and rider AND build confidence in both.

It will be my judgment as to whether an animal may use the advanced obstacles. (LEG wraps are required for the bigger obstacles and should be used on all bridges. I have a few).

Some obstacles are too ‘advanced’ for your animal’s mental and emotional ability. You must understand that some animals are not prepared to climb up on obstacles and, if they step off or fall off, may choose NOT to climb on even small bridges from then on. It is an uphill battle at this point and could take many months to a year or so to regain their confidence in you, the obstacle, and themselves. TRUST what I say, please. I may not always be right but I will try to err on the side of caution.

It is your responsibility to ensure safety for you and your animal. If at any time YOU do not wish to navigate an obstacle DON’T. Never let anyone talk you into doing something you are really not comfortable with, especially when mounted.

Work towards it.

AG Museum Clinic Goethe Obstacle Clinic and Challenge Small obstacle clinic MY PLACE
2017 Clinics below See bottom of page for refund policy Please READ!

Max of 20 participants

JANUARY 21, 2017 Clinic at my place Two pastures outdoors  Limited to 10 horse trailers 20 participants only
Free Camping


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Entry Form – PDF

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