Trail Rider saddle with 16” padded seat 13.3 Paso Fino  racking mare mule 15.1-hand TWH 5-yr-old mule Pronounced wither (still needs to fill  out on the top line) 15.2-hand Foxtrotter mule -- stout 14.3-hand Foxtrotter 4-year-old molly 14.2-hand Quarterhorse  5-year-old molly SADDLES that FIT  Trail Rider Trail Rider Lite Cowboy 15.1-hand gaited mammoth jenny 14.1-hand TWH molly 14.1-hand stout Appy molly COWBOY Saddle 16” seat non padded I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this saddle without the padded seat, but I LOVE it. It is so very comfortable and I ride it now more than I do the trail rider. Same tree.  These are the same animals as above. VISIT Steve’s Website @ Affordable
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Trail Wise 16” Trail Rider Lite 16” seat 2 1/2-year-old 13.2-hand mule This is the perfect saddle for the smaller mule AND the smaller rider;  Light, smaller skirting. I also used britchen to keep it in place when riding any hills. 14.2-hand mule with 13-year-old rider 15’1- hand Molly Mule