GALLERY April 23rd Clinic Bunnell, FL Photos
Here are links to Photobucket  for the Saturday and Sunday clinics SATURDAY SUNDAY SATURDAY ALTOONA Obstacle Clinic Plumwood Arena -- Laura Causey, Host WHAT? Step in THAT? Good job, Mom! You stepped in it without even touching the sides. Horse: This is so embarrassing. She has on a helmet in a covered arena and now she thinks she needs an umbrella. Mom needs a vacation! Watch out, Mom. It’s booby trap! Can you believe she paid good money to bring me here? Doesn’t she realize how much hay, snacks, and cookies $85 could buy? Don’t look at me like that. I know what you want. “Isn’t my donkey so cute, standing in this little pool!” Two peas in a pod Tink having Dakota sidepass the cones Angie, training for a blowout? Thank you,  Charlton and Richie Martin Down’s Equestrian Center Nov ‘10 & April ‘11