Trail Ride Pics with friends, family, and those newly met

Well,I didn’t say WHAT we would be riding :)

Margault Desmales–Foreign exchange student from France enjoying her first ride on a mule, trip to Buffalo River Trail Ride in Tennessee, and surfing Flagler Beach with hardly any waves. She surfs the big waves in her part of the country AND rides jumpers.

Have to start somewhere

When you just can’t make the step!

Hmmmm, This could  Get a wee bit Exciting–And it did! Riot Control Mounted Units And Ground Troops Training Martha is NOT enthused by this bounce house powered by a noisy air pump. McCulley Farms New Year’s Ride Longriders Wagon Train . Suwannee 3 Rivers Trail Ride High water Mark Back when DOE LAKE had lots of water Buffalo River Trail Ride